Coaching via Skype™

Receive Transformational Coaching via Skype™ from the comfort of your own space.

I do 90% of my coaching via Skype™.  People, especially other coaches’, initial reaction is to question whether coaching via Skype™ can be as effective as coaching face to face.  This is a legitimate comment since so much of our communication is communicated through our body and facial expressions. I have found however that Skype™ coaching is just as powerful, if not more than face to face coaching.

Here are some of the reasons why I think Coaching via Skype™ is so powerful:

  • Comfort and ease. A person is being coached in a space of their own choosing where they feel most comfortable.  This is just as true for the coach.  For coaching to be really effective both the coach and coachee need to feel safe and comfortable in their environment.
  • Listening happens at a very deep level. Personally I prefer using only audio when I’m coaching via Skype™. Our visual sense is so dominating, and when we temporarily suspend  it our hearing becomes honed.  I am able to pick up far more subtle nuances in non verbal queues such as tone, pitch, sighs, silences and even movements of the body.
  • It is very convenient and saves a lot of time and travel cost. Often coaches are flown thousands of kilometers to coach executives.  This consumes hours and lots of travel expenses.  When coaching via Skype™ the client and the coach don’t even have to leave their house.  It is also much easier to book a time since you can schedule it for any time of the day or night.  This is very convenient when the coaching occurs across time zones.
  • Clients have access to a much wider range of coaches. You might not find a coach that can serve your specific needs where you live. When you are being coached via Skype™ you can find a coach anywhere in the world that can support you with your specific need.
  • The distance that Skype™ coaching offers creates safety in which the client can open up more and explore deeper.

You can experience the power of Skype™ coaching for yourself.

Book a free introductory Skype™ conversation

In this session:

  • We will discuss your intention for working with a coach.
  • We will talk about what coaching is and isn’t and what you can expect from the process.
  • I will help you identify areas where you feel stuck.
  • We will set an inspirational goal in the most important area for you.

After the session you can decide if you would like to continue the process .

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