Improv Skills for Agile Facilitators – 1 Day Workshop

Improv Skills for Agile Facilitators – 1 Day Workshop 2017-10-11T15:33:19+00:00

Just like an Agile Team a group of Improv comedy actors need to work creatively and collaboratively under pressure to deliver a product to an audience in the form of a story. They need to be very adaptive to input from the audience and fellow players, have brilliant communication skills and share control to create an environment where self organization and innovation can thrive. The practice of improv exercises in agile teams can help develop meta skills to increase the team’s collaboration, communication and climate for innovation.
The practice of improvisation aren’t just useful to help teams collaborate, communicate and innovate better, it can also help to develop advanced coaching and facilitation skills.

This workshop is for you if you want to:
o Develop coaching and facilitation skills such as:
– Deep listening
– Adaptive intelligence
– Facilitation presence
– Intuitive wisdom
– Playfulness
o Learn exercises that will develop your teams ability to:
– Communicate
– Self organize
– Collaborate
– Innovate
– Flow

We’ll explore how you can integrate these skills and exercise into your daily stand-ups and retrospectives. You will receive descriptions of all the exercises after the workshop.


TIME: 9:00-16:00
DATES: Fri 17 Nov or Sat 18 Nov 2017
COST: R1500
Early Bird – 20% if you pay before 27 Oct the workshop. (R 1200)
Bring a friend – Both get 20% off (R 1200)
Early Bird + Bring a friend = 36% off (R960)

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Previous participants say:

“ I liked the interactivity of what we did – I loved that we practically got to experience all the exercises so it’s easier to remember for us to facilitate going forward. All of the exercises are relevant and useful with agile teams. You can use them in Retrospectives or agile workshops.” – Olga Yiannakis, Scrum Master, Prodigy Finance

“I enjoyed the content, the playing, the sharing, the type of people pitching up and the flexibility of the format. I would recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to improv(e) interpersonal skills and team dynamics.” – Marco, Engineer, Mech Eng

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, especially the exercises and participation. I would recommend it to other Agile facilitators since it encourages the right mindset.” – Scrum Master

More about the facilitator:

Burgert Kirsten is a team coach and experienced improvisation theatre actor with a masters degree in Organisational Psychology. He based his Master’s thesis on the use of improvisation theatre techniques to create a climate for team innovation. He is one of 34 certified Applied Improvisation practitioners in the world. He also has a Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) certification.
He has facilitated team innovation workshops for companies like Siemens and SAB Miller among others. He has also worked with technology start ups to help them develop company cultures that foster innovation. In 2015 one of the start-ups Burgert worked with, Ikubu, was acquired by Garmin for their development of an innovative product for cyclists.
He has conducted coaching skills workshops using his unique techniques for Business schools including GIBS, USB and WITS. He has completed a Agile fundamentals course (ICAgile certified) presented by Just Plain Agile, a brain-based coaching certification presented by the NeuroLeadership Group and an advanced course in Organizational and Relationships Systems coaching presented by CRR Global.