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‘Yes and’ vs ‘yes but’ exercise

In pairs participants plan a party or trip together. In the first round, each time one makes a suggestion, the other responds by starting their sentence with ‘yes but …’ In the second round they start with ‘yes and …’ Appreciate, acknowledge and incorporate. Time: 10 – 15 min Number of participants: 2 – 200 [...]

Circus bow exercise

In a circle, participants each get a chance to step forward, say ‘I failed’ and bow. After each bow the rest of the participants give a warm round of applause. Time: 10 min Number of participants: 2 – 200 in pairs.  Game flow: Have the participants stand in a circle. Tell them that everyone will [...]

123 exercise

In pairs, participants count to three, alternating to say the next number.  Time: 5 – 10 minutes Number of participants: In pairs  Game flow: Ask the group to divide into pairs and face each other. Let them count to three, each person contributing the next number alternately. Demonstrate using a volunteer. It should look and [...]

Walking exercise

Participants walk around in the space. In the first round everyone stops and starts walking when the facilitator claps her hands. In the last round everyone stops and starts at the same time, without the facilitator clapping her hands.  Time: 15 min Number of participants: 6 – 50 Game flow: Have the participants walk around [...]

How do you align a diverse team to a shared vision and values?

According to the experts diversity in teams unlock innovation and drives market share (See article by Harvard business Review). This diversity can be inherent or acquired. Inherent diversity are traits you already possess at birth and acquired diversity are traits that you gain through experience. All teams therefore possess diversity even if they look very [...]

Coaching via Skype™

Receive Transformational Coaching via Skype™ from the comfort of your own space. I do 90% of my coaching via Skype™.  People, especially other coaches’, initial reaction is to question whether coaching via Skype™ can be as effective as coaching face to face.  This is a legitimate comment since so much of our communication is communicated [...]