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My work is a Stonehenge of sorts, with Organizational Psychology, Coaching, Applied Improvisation and Wisdom  Traditions all a holding space for a central theme: Presence – By being present the transformational energy of life can flow through us as we evolve into who we’ve always been.

Organizational Psychology

I hold a masters degree in Organizational Psychology also known as Occupational or Business Psychology.  Organizational Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour in the workplace and applies psychological theories and principles to organizations and individuals in their occupation.  My studies were sparked by my curiosity to understand human behaviour and the desire to help people find fulfilment and purpose in their work.  The topic for my masters dissertation was “The influence of Applied Improvisation on the climate for innovation in teams” (read full thesis or journal article)

Coach Training

I’m in the process of certifying as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). I’ve received training in the following coaching approaches:

  1. International Coach Federation (ICF) 11 core competencies
    My first coach training programme, Coaching Fundamentals by Coaching Development, introduced me to the ICF’s 11 core competencies.  These coaching fundamentals gave me both the process and competencies to support and accelerate transformation in individuals.
  2. NeuroLeadership Institute’s Brain-Based Coaching Certificate. This programme gave me researched based tools and skills to facilitate positive change in people by improving their thinking.
  3. Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) is based on Systems Theory, Process Work, OD Theory, Family Systems Therapy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics, Co-Active Coaching™, and Taoism. This programme gave me the tools to work with relationship systems (teams, organisations, communities, families and couples) so that they transform to become healthy and generative. 

Improvisational theatre

This art form has taught, and continues to teach me how to be present when I am with others, and in doing so, creating a safe space for creativity. Through this I have learned to trust my own creativity and intuition. It allows me to become present and connect to the unfolding process within a structure that allows it. It provides a real comfort about what is unfolding, and this in turn paves the way for collaboration and co-creation. It also taught me how to hold paradox and ambiguity and how to harness the power of lightness and playfulness.  All of this is crucial to the coaching process.

Wisdom Traditions

My curiosity into different ancient wisdom traditions has given me a deeper understanding of what it means to be human and how I can live a fulfilling life in service of something greater than myself.   Spiritual practices such as mindfulness, contemplation and spending time in nature have helped me be present in my own life, to be calm and at peace. I bring this into my coaching.

Other major influences in my work