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The type of leadership that is required to be effective today is vastly different from the leadership that has proved effective in the past.   It relies less on command and control and more on sensing and responding.  It calls for leadership that is able to adapt quickly to changes in the environment and can remain calm and centered in spite of volatility.  It is leadership that can hold ambiguity and paradox, which can ask questions and exude confidence without having answers.  It is leadership that is conscious and compassionate, that empowers others and calls them to become their higher selves.

I support managers and entrepreneurs in the following ways on their journey of leadership transformation:

  • Leadership Transformation Coaching
  • Leadership Development Programmes at Business Schools

Leadership Transformation Coaching

Leadership Transformation Coaching is a process during which you will expand your self-awareness and develop your inner strength and courage. You will craft your resilience and agility and learn practices to be centered and focused. You will cultivate growth in your presence, and emotional and social intelligence.

The leadership Transformation coaching process consists of 12 sessions that are spread over a period of 6-12 months.   In the first session we’ll set your intentions for the process.  These intentions will take the shape of personalized, challenging and inspirational goals that are aligned with your organizational goals.

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As your coach I will:

  • Be a soundboard and thinking partner as you grapple with your challenges.
  • Ask you questions to access your creativity and stretch your thinking.
  • Keep you accountable to your commitments.
  • Be a supportive presence .
  • Challenge you to become the leader you want to be.

Leadership Development Programmes at Business Schools

I present workshops as part of Leadership Development Programmes at business schools or in partnership with other learning and development consultancies.  In these workshops I combine games and exercises from the world of Applied Improvisation with models and theory from the latest research in neuroscience to create a fun yet challenging, interactive yet reflective, highly dynamic experience. Strictly no PowerPoint, no podiums and no paperwork.

Applied Improvisation in the context of leadership and organizational development is based on the realization that people have to improvise and play roles constantly: Organizations require people to adapt and take responsibility quickly, under high pressure and uncertainty in order to provide new and creative solutions, most of the time in collaboration with others.

The organisation can be seen as a metaphor for the stage on which a group of improvising actors need to perform in the moment without a script. Improvisation exercises help participants to develop skills for leadership, teamwork, innovation and dealing with uncertain and changing environments while the learning happens in accordance to the learning principles of the brain.

Here are some workshops I’ve presented at business schools.

  • The neuroscience of communication for the Standard Bank Master Class in Strategic Client Management at the Graduate School of Business.
  • The art of improvisation for leaders on the Deloitte Business Leadership Programme at the Gordon Institute for Business Science.
  • Improvisation workshop on the Leading Executive Programme at the Graduate School of Business.
  • Innovation workshop on the SABC Leadership Development Programme at the Gordon Institute for Business Science
  • Coaching skills workshop on University of the Witwatersrand Business School Effective Coaching Programme.

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