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We are always on a journey of personal transformation, growing and evolving as our environment, life stages and needs change. Some of these changes are easy to navigate, however, sometimes these changes challenge our beliefs and stories about ourselves and the world, and we get stuck. We know we can’t stay the same but changing seems too uncertain and scary. I call this stuck in a liminal space. This causes tension between our old way of being and a new way of being. The tension leads to frustration, anxiety, lack of focus and clarity, passivity or aimless action and insecurity. People can get stuck in this state for very long if they don’t move through it, confront their fears and challenge their limiting beliefs.

Do you feel stuck in a liminal space, yet sensing the call of personal transformation?

  •  Are you in a new life stage and feeling insecure about who you need to be and what you have to do to move forward?
  • Has your environment changed dramatically (eg. moved to a new country or started a new job) and you’re not sure of who you are and what you should do in this new environment?
  • Do you feel stuck in your current reality and you know that something needs to change dramatically but you have no idea where to start?
  • Is there a dream calling you but you are too scared to take action and move towards this uncertain place?

As a coach I support you on your journey of personal transformation to get unstuck, become aware of your limiting beliefs, be intentional and focused in the process, and be purposeful in taking action to become who your really want to be and be able to respond effectively to your current reality and challenges.

To see if this is for you book an hour free introductory Skype Coaching session. (Read more about the benefits of coaching via Skype)

In this session:

  • We will discuss your intention for working with a coach.
  • We will talk about what coaching is and isn’t and what you can expect from the process.
  • I will help you identify 3 areas where you feel stuck.
  • We will set an inspirational goal in the most important area for you.

After the session you can decide if you would like to continue the process.

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