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Burgert coached me during a very delicate time in my career development. His calm, yet empathetic manner allowed me the space to think and create. He delivered excellent service as a coach by constantly stretching me to the next level, making it seem more and more natural to take the large scary steps I needed to take to grow my business. What I loved about the sessions were the creative exercises that Burgert would suggest at the perfect intuitively determined moments. As our sessions progressed I was able to use the time to innovate ideas, and achieve tasks that I thought were insurmountable, and accomplished all of this within the actual sessions. The whole process was also fun and memorable. I’d recommend Burgert to anyone who is willing to risk being brilliant.
Stephen Davis, Low Carbon Project Specialist at ICLEI, Cape Town South Africa
have always known that Burgert has the ability to unlock hidden potential in people. What a privilege it has been to experience this firsthand. Burgert has a fine developed ear, able to hear what is unspoken, able to listen to what is not said explicitly. He is well read and makes use of his wisdom and intuitive knowledge in order to guide the individual through the unknown experiences of the self. I am grateful for this coaching experience, which I know will have a profound impact on my life, both personally and in my career. I look forward to looking back on this experience 5 or 10 years from now and to see it for the milestone it is.
Lezanne Fiew, Lead Occupational Therapist at Obair, Glasgow UK
Burgert is amazing. I just finished my process with him and I cannot thank him enough. My life has transformed in the most unexpected and beautiful ways and I learned more this year than in the past 10. He’s also quite proud of me 🙂
If you need an English speaking coach that is able to make amazing questions that will rock your world around, Burgert is the guy for you. Patient, inspiring, positive, and so many other qualities.
Carlotta Cattaldi, Graphic Facilitator and Recorder, Barcelona Spain.
Reflecting on oneself is one of the most difficult and delicate activities. Burgert, with his great listening skills and his ability to ask simple, yet effective questions, makes self-reflection worth every minute I spend with him. I start a session with him with something in mind and he lay bare the world behind. And that tremendously helps my development.
Ruben van der Laan, Facilitator and Consultant , Rotterdam Netherlands
Burgert’s best coaching traits are his openness, creativity and genuine interest. Through his openness, he invites you to share not just the superficial aspects of the questions you’re dealing with. The creative exercises he uses encourage you to find out more ways of overcoming limitations. His genuine interest makes a coaching session to be more than just a conversation.
Gijs van Bilsen, Facilitator, The Hague Netherlands
During our work together, Burgert created a space in which I was able to think beyond where I’d reached in my own mind, to explore new avenues, to play and get excited about my new direction. Beyond this however, he managed the process skillfully and in such a way as to ensure that not only did I have fun with new ideas, but that I focused and moved forward at the same time. His quiet, yet deeply present approach, and carefully chosen words gave me the container in which I could do the work I needed to do.
Anna Donald, Psychotherapist, Coach and Facilitator, Johannesburg South Africa.
Although there is a 12 hour time difference, I can think of no one who is more present and engaged in the moment than Burgert. He’s a great listener and clearly articulates what he has heard so that you are in sync. At the end of my coaching session, I had a very clear idea of where I was headed and my immediate next steps to get there. His deep knowledge, his experience and his ability to get you to identify goals are impressive. He is highly recommended.
Shawn Utterback, CEO: The Play Storming Group, Austin USA
I recently started off as self-employed and Burgert coached me to make my tasks more manageable. I did not have a very clear idea of how the coaching could be useful so Burgert listened and helped me identify issues in my situation. He then led me through understanding different ways of managing my tasks and we came up with practices which I can carry forward myself. Burgert is very easy to talk to and even though the session was conducted via Skype, he made me feel comfortable and more confident in my abilities. He was very quick to respond to my messages and arranged a session straight away.
Angelina Castellini, Coach and Facilitator, London UK
I enjoyed Burgert’s coaching sessions and value how he takes a holistic and playful approach. I experienced him as a guide from my fundamental values and higher level aspirations through obstacles towards concrete and realistic goals – a true hero’s journey.
Iris van den Berg, Coach and Facilitator, Amsterdam Netherlands.
Burgert’s expertise as an improviser made him a great coach for me on two fronts:
1. He understands the business I’m trying to break into (Improv-based consulting)
2. He was able to listen deeply to my ideas and advance them with me collaboratively.
I really appreciated his ability to accept the “offers” I made and work with me to move my story forward.
John Fort, Los Angeles USA

Teams & Organizations

After the team coaching process with Burgert we value and respect each other so much more. I believe that everybody feels more comfortable to discuss matters openly and I find that we respect each other so much more. Your guidance helped us understand that we are the ones who need to constantly work on our relationship with fellow colleagues to improve our relationships and working environment. We encounter so many personalities and emotions on a day to day basis and we now have the understanding/knowledge to help us understand each other’s needs and feelings. Coaching should be a part of everyday life and there is a need for us to have some kind of session during the year just to keep the professional and personal mind healthy and to ensure that we stay on track.
Cliffie Crous, Team Leader, JF Hillebrand Group
Burgert offers learning that is unconventional and incredibly thought provoking. Burgert gets people on their feet, and encourages people to leave their rational reasoning intellects to connect with something we often ignore and neglect in this busy corporate life. His session was energizing, compelling, and different. Isn’t that what we are looking for…to think about things differently and to challenge our well entrenched paradigms? Burgert is intuitive and is able to read the group so well. He holds the space with respect and love, and never compromises on challenging the group.
Sofia Puente, Senior Manager Leadership Development, Deloitte & Touche
It was a phenomenal day, and your session was absolutely amazing – it was exactly spot on in terms of drawing the links between what we do and improvisation. I’ve had such great feedback about what you did and how relevant it was.
Alison Reid, Associate Director: Personal Learning, Gordon Institute of Business Science.
The content of the workshop was practical with just enough theory to give it the right balance. The authenticity and involvement of the facilitator (Burgert) made it easy for all of us to be 100% immersed in the moment. The workshop reminded me again that the simple things in life really matters the most and the best way to learn is to have fun.
Sean Turketti, Head: Employee Relations, Capitec Bank