Team Transformation

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Why would my team/organization require coaching?

  • The team is going through transition and change.
  • The team is stuck and struggling to innovate.
  • There is conflict and lack of alignment in the team
  • There is conflict between departments
  • There is misalignment and barriers between management and staff.

What if your team could:

  • Collaborate and communicate effectively
  • Take initiative and risk their creativity
  • Share and build on each other’s ideas
  • Create value through diversity
  • Build strong trusting relationships
  • Work together towards a shared vision
  • Be a high performing team


As a trained Organization and Relationships Systems Coach I help you build and sustain your resilience and ability to respond to critical issues and problems. As the team, organization or partnership increases its collective awareness about its own relationship dynamics – how these are productive and positive or not, and how they determine what the team is capable of, so you are able to move towards your most important goals. As empathy and alignment around common goals increases, I challenge and support your team to move forward into more productive, focused and powerful action.

The Process

Benefits of Liminal Transformational Team Coaching

1. Preparation

In the preparation phase I gather information to garner insight into the current team challenges, shared goals and team strengths. One or more of the following tools can be utilized:

  • Interviews
  • Anonymous questionnaires
  • Assessments

2. Team Coaching

The process is likely to include

  • An opening session where we collaboratively design the way to work together for the best outcomes, confirm goals and establish the foundations for the path ahead
  • Three or more working sessions, typically spread over several months (it takes time for new behaviours and relationships to germinate and fully root themselves)
  • Thorough evaluation and assessment of the impact of the process, measured against initially agreed goals
  • Coaching, education about relevant research, assignments for both reflection and mindful action, and options for further reading.
  • The process may also include individual coaching sessions and/or coaching specific relationships between 2 or more individuals.

This process can also be offered online via Zoom for teams who work remotely

  • Raises awareness regarding the influences on, and dynamics of, individuals and teams.
  • Enhances team performance.
  • Boosts productivity and builds intelligent teams.
  • Accesses and releases the potential in teams.
  • Equips teams to navigate change successfully.
  • Creates culturally intelligent teams and generate value through diversity.


After the team coaching process with Burgert we value and respect each other so much more. I believe that everybody feels more comfortable to discuss matters openly. Your guidance helped us understand that we are the ones who need to constantly work on our relationship with fellow colleagues to improve our relationships and working environment. We encounter so many personalities and emotions on a day to day basis and we now have the understanding/knowledge to help us understand each other’s needs and feelings. Coaching should be a part of everyday life. Cliffie Crous, Team Leader, JF Hillebrand Group

Extraordinary! Burgert does a great job of making the process playful and exciting, while delivering real value for our team.  His use of improvisation and play allowed our team to gain valuable insights about their own personal values and how these values fit in with the larger company. We were able to rediscover and revitalize a vision for our team and ensure that all team members were engaged and aligned with this vision.  Nolan van Heerden, Senior Manager, Garmin

Contact me to discuss how I can support your team or organization through transformational coaching.